Pierbusseti’s Favorite Foodie Destinations: Bangkok

Much to our delight, Thai cuisine has become extremely popular here in the States. But foodie travelers know that nothing can compare to the real thing prepared locally. Bangkok, Thailand’s vibrant capital city, is one of the top travel destinations for food-lovers worldwide. With the bold blend of spices and exotic flavors in Thai cuisine, it’s easy to see why.

Believe it or not, one of the things Bangkok is most famous for is their wide array of street food. The vendors use only the freshest produce and meats, and the sois (side streets) are lined with stands offering up different delicacies. With all the different options available, tourists can walk around the city without ever eating the same thing twice. Whether travelers are in the mood for stir-fries, curry, or traditional dishes like Pad Si Ew, which is made up of wide rice noodles stir-fried with vegetables and sliced meat then seasoned to perfection, you can find it along the streets.

In addition to street food, Bangkok also offers up some of the best experiences in fine-dining. Gaggan, an Indian restaurant that presents a modern twist on classic dishes, took the number one spot on San Pellegrino’s list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2015. Or, for excellent food with an equally excellent view of Bangkok from the top of Lebua Hotel is the Dome, a collection of award-winning bars and restaurants overlooking the city. On the 65th floor is Mezzaluna, with their seasonally-inspired tasting menu and 180-degree view.

The obvious choice may be to order one of the more well-known dishes like Pad Thai but there are so many unique, flavorful delicacies and signature dishes to try while in Bangkok. One dish that makes it onto most foodie wishlists is Tom Yum Goong, aka spicy shrimp soup. Both Tom Yum’s taste and aroma are quintessentially Thai, with its blend of flavors that are spicy, sweet, salty, and even a little bit sour. Another local favorite is Panang Gai, which is chicken fried together with red curry paste and a coconut cream. It is a spicy and dynamic local dish. Now for the more adventurous foodie, there are more extreme and bizarre delicacies like Thailand’s famous fried bug carts that serve up grasshoppers, silk worms, and water beetles. Or there’s Baak Bpet, which are duck beaks. That’s right, we said beaks. They are marinated in soy sauce for a more salty flavor and pureed so that they can be swallowed.

Whether travelers are strolling along the streets, sampling from open-air markets or sitting down to eat at one of Bangkok’s premiere luxury restaurants, there’s something for every budget to excite any foodie.

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