Top 5: Trinkets to Collect Around the World

Nothing quite commemorates a memorable trip like a distinctive souvenir or keepsake, especially one that you can’t find anywhere else. Here at Pierbusseti, we’ve created a list of some of the top trinkets travelers will want to keep an eye out for while they immerse themselves in brand new cultures.

1. Pashmina Scarves (India) – These lovely scarves and shawls have become so popular worldwide that vendors in many different countries have taken to producing imitations or blends, but a true pashmina is made from the cashmere wool derived from pashminagoats in the Himalayas. With vibrant colors, masterful embroidery, and the soft feel of real cashmere, an authentic pashmina scarf is must-buy while in India.

2. Spanish Fans (Spain) – Not only are these trinkets lovely to look at but they’ll prove rather useful in the warmer weather. The colorful fans are usually painted or decorated with lace and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Go to any outdoor café and you’ll fit right in with the local women fanning themselves under the sun.

3. Murano Glass (Italy) – Named for the Venetian island where it is specially-made, goods made from Murano glass factories and artisans have become extremely popular among tourists and locals alike. Intricate and meticulous detail goes into crafting the glass, and artists today still use the same methods that craftsmen before them used for centuries. Whether it’s a vase, paperweight, or a bead to string onto a necklace, any souvenir made from Murano glass will be an item to cherish for generations.

4. The Parisianer (France) – Started as a tribute to The New Yorker, The Parisianer is an imaginary magazine. The aim was to have artists create stylistic covers for the magazine that depict Paris in their own unique way. Originally, 50 covers were created and published in a book and now 26 of those covers are available to buy in poster format. Bring home one of these posters for a piece of wall art that is distinctively Parisian and unique.

5. Tenugui (Japan) – A tenugui is a cotton towel, usually 35 by 90 centimeters, and they have become popular among tourist for the brightly colored patterns printed on them as well as their wide array of uses. This is one of the most popular souvenirs sold in Japan and, fortunately, very inexpensive While some simply use the tenugui as a towel, others wear them as a headband or fashion accessory, use them to wrap gifts, or decorate a dining table as a place mat.

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