Fascinating Eco-Friendly Luxury Hotels

As our world becomes more conscious of our environmental footprint, the luxury travel industry is making strides to create unique eco-friendly experiences. For today’s blog post, we’ve gathered some of the most interesting eco-friendly luxury hotels for those travelers who want to see the world and help save the world.

Cabanes als Arbes, Spain

For those who have ever dreamt of living in a treehouse, this unique Spanish retreat is the perfect escape. Located in the forest near the mountains outside of Sant Hilari Sacalm in Catalonia, Spain, this hotel is comprised of a series of treehouses featuring a serene environment and beautiful views of your surroundings. To keep the environmental impact minimal, the treehouses do not have running water or electricity, but guests are provided with plenty of candles and water. The goal of the hotel is to allow guests to connect with nature and the forest’s ecosystem.

Whitepod, Switzerland

Travelers who love to ski will appreciate this adventurous hotel located on the mountains of Valais in the southwestern end of Switzerland. Each room is an individual “pod” equipped with a wood-burning stove to heat the comfortable and cozy spaces, as well as a beautiful view of the Swiss Alps. As part of Whitepod’s environmental goal, water and electricity are conserved and all motor travel is limited. Guests can also enjoy exclusive access to the slopes on the property, and participate in activities such as dogsledding and hiking.

Lefay Resort and Spa, Italy

Built under the motto that personal wellness and environment wellness should go hand and hand, this resort and spa in Gargnano, Italy is a stunning testament to the fact that luxury and environmental sustainability are not mutually exclusive. Set on a hill overlooking Lake Garda in northern Italy, this resort runs on clean energy, rainwater, and recyclable materials but maintains a 5-star rating. Guests can learn about lowering their environmental impact while enjoying premium spa amenities and dining in the resort’s gourmet restaurants.

The Green House, England

Looking at this beautiful Victorian villa, no one would ever guess that it was the most environmentally friendly hotel in the United Kingdom. Located in the lovely seaside town of Bournemouth in Dorset, England, this 18th century manor home has recently received an eco-friend update! The owners rehabbed the entire building to incorporate environmental sustainability in every element – from the solar-heated water to the vegetable ink used to dye the wallpaper. Even the staff is trained on sustainability and they are happy to pass their knowledge along to the guests. A stay at The Green House includes all the refined luxury of an English manor home, combined with the modern conveniences and charm of top of the line eco-friendly establishment.

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