Austrian Wine Touring

From major cities like Salzburg and Vienna to the town of Poysdorf to the renowned Wachau Valley, Austria has a rich wine culture that is worth exploring for any connoisseur. Though the country does not have one particular type of wine it specializes in or is especially famous for, the wide variety of grapes and flavors help make Austria one of the most popular travel destinations for wine-lovers around the world.

One cannot mention Austrian wine culture without also mentioning the Wachau Valley. Stretching about 25 miles, it is one of the most prominent tourism destinations in the country. The region itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and with its rolling landscapes set against the Danube River, it’s no wonder why! The Danube helps to set up excellent irrigation for the vines and wine production in the area can be traced back to the medieval era during Roman settlement. The area is particularly well-known for the grapes and apricots that produce crisp and complex whites such as Gruner Veltliners or dry Rieslings. Travelers have many different options when it comes to touring the scenic wine region, whether it be by bicycle on the river bike path or floating along the Danube on a river cruise. Wine enthusiasts will get the chance to experience family-own vineyards and sample wines that are locally grown, picked, and fermented to perfection.

While in the Wachau Valley, one cannot pass up a stop in the picturesque town of Langenlois. The town manages to produce some of the richest and most intensely flavored wines in the region, making it famous worldwide for its wine production. Guests can visit or stay in the Loisium Wine & Spa Resort. They offer excellent cellar tours and are dedicated to celebrating local wines and culture.

Of course, while traveling in historic Vienna, many visitors will want to see the vibrant capital of Vienna but, as most wine-lovers are certainly aware, you often have to get away from big cities to find the best locally-produced wines. This is not the case in Vienna! Vienna is one of the few capital cities in the world to produce large quantities of wine within its city limits. This has played a major role in both Vienna’s economy and tourism. With Vienna’s success in growing wine grapes, the city is thus filled to the brim with excellent wine bars and shops. Like Wachau Valley, Vienna’s main focus is in white wines and produces quality Sauvignon Blancs, Weissburgunders, and Rieslings. Though this is the majority, there has been a growing market for red wines in the Viennese region, with increasing popularity in local Zweigelts and Pinot Noirs as well as St. Laurent. While visiting the city, guests will want to stop in at Wein & Co., a wine shop and tasting bar that also contains a wonderful Mediterranean restaurant. Or, for the true wine enthusiast, why not stay at a wine-themed hotel? Hotel Rathaus Wein & Design offers guests the full experience, with rooms which are equipped with minibars stocked with local wines, wine tastings offered, and even grapeseed scrubs at the hotel spa.

Located in Austria’s Wienviertel or “Wine Quarter,” Poysdorf is another excellent stop for wine connoisseurs. The Weinviertel is the largest wine producing region in the country and the town of Poysdorf is one of its leading producers. The town has been making wine since as far back as the 14th century. It is located in the northeastern part of the quarter, which is an area particularly known for its spicy (and even peppery) Veltliners. Poysdorf is also an important producer of sparkling wines. Most of Austrian’s sparkling wines come from the Weinviertel and about 75% is produced in Poysdorf. While in town, travelers can explore more than 10 different wine cellars as well as the Vino Versum. Opened in the spring of 2007, the Vino Versum is a municipal museum centered around the town’s rich and extensive history when it comes to viticulture.

So whether it’s staying overnight in a wine-themed hotel or resort or taking a leisurely stroll or bike ride along the rolling hills of Austria’s wine valleys, there is something for every wine-lover.

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