Stunning Autumn Travel Destinations

The days are getting shorter, the temperature is dipping, and the leaves are changing into a beautiful rainbow of colors. What better time to explore the areas of European that have the most to offer during the fall? Without the massive waves of tourists that are out in full force during the winter and holiday seasons and without any extreme temperatures to contend with, fall is the perfect season to travel to beautiful city and see it in a new light.


With Oktoberfest in full swing by mid-September, Munich is arguably the most obvious European city to visit in the fall – but for good reason! The famous Bavarian festival dates back to 1810 and features everything from amusement rides to local cuisine and beer to parades. However, Munich maintains its autumnal charm even after the conclusion of the world’s largest festival. Visitors to the are can tour both the classical old sites such as Neuschwanstein Castle – in the midst of a stunning forest of changing leaves outside of Munich – or see the technology of the future at the BMW Factory. And after a long day of tours and traveling, nothing is more satisfying than warm, filling meal at one of the local beerhouses!


While normally associated with beautiful summer days, Tuscany is actually at its peak in autumn due to the celebrated harvest season. September marks vendemmia – grape harvest – in Italy and is the perfect time to tour a winery. Additionally, the autumn is when mushrooms and truffles are at their finest and “mushroom hunting” is a fascinating process to view. Some locals offer to let visitors accompany them on truffle hunts, and many local hamlets celebrate the hunting with mushroom festivals featuring delicious local delicacies. With so many local festivals and fairs occurring in the area, autumn is an ideal time for travelers to tour the whole area, stopping at different hamlets and wineries as they go.


What sounds better than watching the leaves change while curled up in a cozy castle drinking hot coco? Travelers who visit Scotland in the autumn are privy to the stunning beauty of the changing autumnal landscape that hits it peak in November. Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Gardens offer a glimpse at a wide variety of native trees close to the city, but the true beauty of the landscape is best displayed north of the city, in county of Perth. Travelers can spend their evenings in one of the multiple luxury hotel castles in the area, and fill their days with the plethora of activities Perthshire has to offer. Visitors can tour the beautiful Blair Castle, take a safari tour of the Highlands, visit the local whiskey distilleries, or simply enjoy the beautiful crisp landscape bursting with an array of colors.


In Amsterdam, the falling leaves of autumn dot the cobblestone streets and winding canals with bright spots of yellow, red, and orange. With the peak touring season having died off by the end of September, the city becomes more easily accessible to the intrepid autumn traveler. The days are slightly cooler, but still warm enough to enjoy both trips down the Amstel River and afternoons wandering through the unique streets. However, the real draw of fall in Amsterdam is the culture. The fall months mark the exciting conclusion of Amsterdam’s “cultural season” and feature fascinating artistic festivals like the Amsterdam Fringe Festival, Netherlands Theater Festival, and Museumnacht. Each week, visitors can experience new artistic performances and exhibits, all in the wonderfully mild fall weather and without the swarms of tourists.

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